Our Club

Contrary to popular believe we don’t just watch trains going round and round and make train noises.

We actual make complete Model Railway layouts.

What does this involve?
For a start there is carpentry to make the baseboards.  
We then have to work out a track plan, and how we are going to build the structures for the track to be erected on.
Next we then have to work out all the electrical circuits for controlling the trains and the points.
Then for some comes the fun part, making the buildings and scenic details. Painting figures, and all the finite details that brings the layout to life. Some members even build their own track, locomotives and rolling stock.

All the above is to enable us to run engines and trains of our choice. Some members like to run steam outline trains, other like more modern trains. It doesn’t matter what the train is, the members respect each others models.
We all have different skills, and learn from each other. You’re never too old to acquire new skills.
All this usually means numerous cups of tea or coffee and biscuits to discuses how we are going to manage all these ideas, so there are a social side of the club.

Also members might have an interest in railway history. Why the railways were built in the eighteen hundreds? Others like the engineering side of not only the railway engines, but bridges, viaducts or buildings. Some like the study of uniforms, railway tickets or other functions of the railways like the Royal Mail trains or even the building of the Channel Tunnel Railway.
So as you can see, we just don’t watch trains going round and round. There are lots of various aspects to the hobby, building, painting, history, research, and a lot more.  
If you would like to find out more, why not come and join us on one of our club nights.